Can I Drink Coffee While Taking Cephalexin?


The question “Can I drink coffee while taking cephalexin?” is very important due to the interaction of antibiotics and coffee. In general coffee and antibiotic consumption can be done together. But you can’t drink coffee all the time while taking antibiotics containing cephalexin. Also, which coffee you drink is also very important.

What is Cephalexin?

Cephalexin is a type of antibiotic used to kill some germs. It can be used for infection, inflammation, or other skin problems. Since it is a prescription drug only, you can use it when recommended by doctors. Patients begin to feel better within a few days if the antibiotic is effective. Therefore, it is one of the most effective types of medicine.

You can use cephalexin in tablet, capsule, or syrup form. It is usually capsule-shaped and has a red outer surface. It is rarely given in syrup form for adults. In addition, even if children use the same medication as adults, they use lower doses. Therefore, it is very important for your doctor to tell you how much cephalexin you should drink.

How to Use Cephalexin?

Warm drinks like coffee and tea can make you feel better when you’re sick. Therefore, the question “Can I Drink Coffee While Taking Cephalexin” may confuse you. Although it is prohibited for some antibiotics, there is no harm in drinking coffee while using Cephalexin. As long as you drink coffee correctly, you can feel better with the effect of caffeine. You can stand up and start doing your work in a shorter time.

How to Use Cephalexin?

Adults can use 1 – 4 grams of cephalexin per day. For children, this dose varies between 25 – 50 mg and is determined according to the weight of the child. The maximum daily dose that adults can take is 4 grams. The dosage that doctors usually recommend depends on the severity of the disease. However, it is planned to be taken once or twice a day.

Timing is very important when using antibiotics. For this reason, you should be careful to take the medications at the exact time the next day. You should also avoid consuming foods and drinks that reduce or increase the effect of the medicine. If you are going to consume a food that interacts with the antibiotic, you should wait for the drug to be absorbed. To do this, it is sufficient to wait 2 hours after taking the medicine.

Can You Drink Coffee While Taking Cephalexin?

There is no harm in drinking coffee while using Cephalexin. There are no negative interactions between coffee and cephalexin. However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you should be careful not to consume too much coffee. Excessive coffee consumption, combined with the side effects of the drug, may cause you to experience symptoms more. Consuming 1 – 2 cups of coffee a day does not cause any problems with medication use.

Can I Drink Coffee After Taking Cephalexin?

If you are looking for an answer to the question “can I drink coffee while taking cephalexin?”, the answer is yes. There is no harm in consuming coffee after using Cephalexin. However, when consuming coffee, you should be careful that it does not contain milk. Milk and dairy products reduce drug absorption, making it difficult for antibiotics to work. Therefore, dealing with germs and healing may become more difficult.

It is okay to drink coffee with milk for a while after taking the medicine. After Cephalexin is completely absorbed, you can drink both coffee and coffee with milk. However, it is healthier not to drink coffee immediately after taking the medicine. Especially if you are someone with a sensitive body, you should stay away from coffee with milk and other dairy products while taking medication.

Can You Drink Decaf Coffee While Taking Cephalexin?

Decaf coffee is a type of beverage that does not contain caffeine. It is frequently preferred, especially when using medications such as antibiotics. Since Cephalexin does not interact with caffeine, you can consume regular coffee or decaf coffee. Even if you consume too much caffeine during the day, you can try to eat healthy by choosing decaf coffee afterwards.

Can You Drink Coffee When Taking Keflex?

Keflex is one of the antibiotics that contains the main ingredient Cephalexin. You can consume coffee while taking these antibiotics, which are generally used for 10 days. While taking Keflex, you should be careful to drink coffee without milk. If you are going to drink coffee with milk, it would be better to wait a few hours after taking the medicine.

It is also very important not to consume too much caffeine during the day. However, excessive caffeine consumption has factors such as irritability, fatigue, and insomnia. It may also cause an increase in other side effects such as palpitations, nausea, and tremors. To avoid these factors, you can consume decaf coffee.

What Foods Should You Avoid While Using Cephalexin?

You should avoid certain foods while using Cephalexin. These foods can increase or decrease the effects of the drug. In cases where it goes beyond the natural functioning, it may increase side effects and cause you to recover later. Continuous mistakes can also have negative consequences, such as progression of the disease. Some of these foods are as follows:

  • Calcium: High calcium consumption reduces the absorption of the drug. Therefore, it may cause you to recover later or cause the disease to progress. You should start consuming calcium at least 2 hours after taking the medicine.
  • Acids: Some acidic foods and drinks affect drug absorption. For this reason, it is necessary not to consume drinks and fruits with high acid content.
  • Other medications: It is dangerous to take medications that are incompatible with each other at the same time. You should find out in what order the medications should be taken according to the doctors’ advice.
  • Fast food: High-fat ingredients and fast food products may make you feel the side effects of the drug more.
  • Milk and dairy products: Like other calcium-containing foods, they should be consumed at least 2 hours after taking the medicine. Dairy products have the ability to inhibit drug absorption.
  • Excessive sugar consumption: Consuming too much sugar causes bacteria to multiply rapidly. It reduces the effects of the drug and may cause consequences such as the spread of the disease.

How Long After Taking Cephalexin Can I Drink Coffee?

If you want to consume coffee after taking Cephalexin, it will be enough to wait 2 hours. This period is very important for the drug to be completely absorbed. Drinking coffee before the drug is absorbed may increase some side effects. These side effects are generally mild. Symptoms such as dizziness, tremors, nausea and vomiting may be severe.

There is no harm in drinking coffee after drug absorption is complete. If you have a strong body, you can drink coffee right after. However, the best thing to do is to wait at least 2 hours after using antibiotics. If you take medication twice a day, you must wait for this period to expire both before and after taking the medication.

Is It Ok to Drink Coffee While Taking Cephalexin?

Generally, there is no serious harm in drinking coffee while using Cephalexin. For this reason, you can consume coffee according to the type and amount of coffee during the time you use Cephalexin. It would be better to consult your doctor about the question “can I drink coffee while taking cephalexin?” If your doctor does not approve, you should not drink coffee. You may also need to avoid coffee consumption if you are taking any other medications or have other diseases. Even if you are using antibiotics containing high doses of Cephalexin, you should be careful not to drink too much coffee during the day.

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