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If you have purchased a North Lane Biolife card, you can perform all transactions regarding your card at login.northlane/biolife. You can activate your card from this page and successfully complete all transactions related to your card. Moreover, thanks to the mobile application, you can access your card at any time you want. If you have any problems, you can call customer service or send a message to get back to you.

North Lane Card Activate

If you have a new North Lane Biolife card, you must first activate your card. For activation, there is a requirement to have received your card. You can activate your card immediately after receiving it from the login.northlane/biolife page. On this page, you just need to enter your card information and write the Captcha code.

There is a waiting period of approximately 7-14 days after submitting the activation request. During this period, your card will be automatically activated. If you have waited longer than 14 days, you can try contacting customer service. Additionally, if you would like your card to be opened earlier, you can contact North Lane to get information on the subject. You can repeat these transactions for both your Biolife and normal cards.


North Lane Card Services

There are many benefits to using the North Lane card. First, this card does not charge any interest. That is, no interest is paid on the loaded money and the annual return is 0%. You can spend, pay or send money whenever money is loaded onto your card. Moreover, this card is suitable for use as both a virtual and physical card. There is a chance that you will not receive the card physically if you do not need it.

If you place a recurring payment order on your card, your card use may be terminated or suspended if you do not have sufficient balance. Therefore, the transaction should be made by checking the balance on the card. Make sure that the card has not expired. For cards that have expired, you must issue a new card. Additionally, this card is solely the responsibility of the person whose name is written on the card. Even if someone else uses the card, the person responsible is the legal owner of the card. In case of suspicious transaction, loss, or theft, you must inform an authorized person about the situation.

North Lane Card Features

The North Lane team is excited to work with you. Therefore, it offers many advantages for you. Using North Lane cards helps you grow your business more easily. It makes your card transactions easier. It also provides the following benefits:

  • It allows you to receive a unique card service.
  • It minimizes your costs in the healthcare sector.
  • You can always access customer service.
  • You no longer need a physical ATM.
  • Allows bank or signature payments.
  • You can use it for all your purchases.
  • You can withdraw and send money.
  • Has the option to donate.
  • You can become a Biolife donor.
  • You can receive your salary or compensation with your Biolife card.
  • The balance can be checked online.

Visit Login.northlane/biolife

You can perform all transactions with your Biolife card using the address login.northlane/biolife. You must first log in with your user information by visiting the login page. Since the North Lane interface is very easy, every individual can use it easily. Since online transactions eliminate your need for an ATM, you can act faster. You can also log in at any time you want, from any technological device. Only a smart device and internet connection is needed.

You must visit the website to activate your Biolife card. You can then control your money transactions with the North Lane card, which you can use as both a physical and online card. You can easily make payments or complete money transfer transactions. Moreover, you can save money on banking transactions thanks to advantages such as low shipping fees. Transfers you can make 24/7 also enable you to meet your urgent cash needs.


Login.northlane/biolife gives you easy access to your North Lane card information. If you have just received your card, you can use this address to activate your card. Since Biolife services are provided through the North Lane interface, you can successfully complete all your Biolife-related transactions. Moreover, online transactions offer many opportunities such as ease of paying your bills. You can become a Biolife donor and use online transactions to send money to any account you want. Physical cards are also valid in all businesses that accept VISA if there is sufficient balance in them.

login.northlane/biolife ATM

The North Lane card lets you find in-network ATMs. Therefore, it eliminates your need for a physical ATM. It allows money transactions to be completed online. You can also withdraw and deposit money from physical ATMs. For this, only a fee of 0.5 dollars is deducted from the card. Since you can use the card at almost any ATM, a solution to your important problem is provided.

North Lane Mobile Application

North Lane allows you to make many transactions over the internet. The website can be used for this. It also has a mobile app available for iOS and Android in many versions. This application can be downloaded from appropriate stores. Thanks to its small size, it does not take up significant space in the device memory. Moreover, it helps you to carry out your transactions practically with its easy interface.

You must have a membership to log in to the North Lane mobile application. If you are not a member, you can also use the application to activate your card. All you have to do is click on the register or activate section on the home page. After your card is delivered to you, you can make any transaction you want by entering your card information.

The application also enables card transactions to be carried out more securely. Since websites can be copied, you may have your card information stolen as a result of a careless mistake. However, it is very difficult to download a copy of the mobile application. You only download the actual North Lane app from the Store stores. In addition, since frequent updates are made, security vulnerabilities are very low. This is very important for you to carry out all your transactions quickly and safely.

Wire Card Balance

Insufficient Wire Card balance may cause your card to be canceled or closed. Therefore, there must be sufficient balance in the card for all your purchases. If you do not know your balance, you can check your card balance from the online site or application. In case of missing balance, you can pay the remaining balance in a different way. You also have the chance to withdraw at once by loading your card.

Care is needed when giving regular instructions. If your card balance is insufficient, this may pose a problem for you. It is very important to regularly check the balance on your North Lane card. To avoid any problems in the future, please keep in mind that a 20% tip may be charged on payments. Therefore, be careful that you have more money than the amount you will pay.

Biolife & North Lane Card Customer Services

Biolife & North Lane Card Customer Services is managed by North Lane. You can fill out North Lane’s customer service form for all your needs. To submit the form, you must fill in your personal information, card information, problem type and messages accurately or completely. Customer services will get back to you as soon as possible after reviewing your information.

You can also resolve your transactions by talking on the phone. After calling 888-472-0099, you will be connected to a customer representative. In this way, you can solve your problems without having to wait and continue using your card without any problems.

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