What is a laptop stand?


Seventy-six percent of the UK populace possesses and utilizes a laptop, significantly facilitating the work routines of numerous individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, the ability to work from home would not be possible without laptops. However, not all laptop owners are using them in an ergonomic manner. If you frequently use a laptop, a laptop stand is essential!

What is a laptop stand, and why should everyone with a laptop use one? A laptop stand is an elevated platform on which you place your laptop, positioning it on your desk. This elevation brings your screen to eye level, promoting improved posture and enabling ergonomic work. A laptop stand is now a necessary tool for laptop users.

Drawbacks of using a laptop

While laptops are undeniably useful, not everyone is aware of the associated risks when using them regularly. Designed for portability and convenience, they may not offer optimal ergonomic conditions. Here are some downsides to using a laptop:

Maintaining good posture, especially when using a laptop on your lap, is challenging due to the low position of the laptop screen. Achieving good posture on a computer requires aligning the top of the screen with your eyebrows, which is difficult with most laptop screens. Neck, shoulder, and back pain can result from poor posture and slouching. Laptops tend to overheat easily, particularly when placed on the lap. Despite these disadvantages, you can still enjoy the benefits of using a laptop while mitigating the downsides. Using a laptop stand https://oakywood.shop/products/solid-wood-laptop-stand, along with a separate keyboard and mouse, is recommended.

Advantages of using a laptop stand

Enhanced ergonomics a laptop stand raises the laptop, bringing the screen closer to eye level, which should always be at eye level for optimal ergonomics. Improved posture leads to reduced back and neck pain. Using a laptop stand encourages better typing ergonomics when combined with a separate keyboard. Integrated laptop keyboards are often less than ideal due to their flat design, causing alignment issues with the wrists during typing and potential problems like carpal tunnel syndrome. Prevents overheating and promotes good air circulation around the laptop, enhancing its performance. Taller individuals can utilize a laptop stand to add extra height.

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