H3905 035 Aetna Medicare & 2024 Benefits


The H3905 035 health insurance is a private health insurance offered by Aetna. This insurance, which is complementary to Medicare, covers many of your health costs. You pay less for medical equipment, specialist visits, and more. Since it is an HMO SNP plan, its coverage area is quite wide. It covers many of your healthcare expenses that you may need and keeps your health/wellness expenses under control.

Aetna H3905 035 Medicare

Aetna H3905-035 health insurance is a type of Medicare supplemental insurance. It is an Aetna Medicare Advantage Cares (HMO D-SNP) plan. The monthly cap and annual deductible are $0 for those who receive both Medicare and Medicaid. The starting limit of the plan is 5030 dollars. There is dual eligibility for a special needs plan (SNP). But there is no additional headroom coverage. The total number of drugs in scope for 2024 was 3640. Moreover, this plan is also suitable for mail order.

There are 21716 members included in the H3905 035 plan and 2315 of these members are in Pennsylvania. The plan summary has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, indicating high participant satisfaction. Monthly premiums are $40.20 for the part D base premium only. C and Part D supplementary premium fees are $0. On an annual basis, the drug plan deductible is $545. Moreover, the enrollee’s maximum out-of-pocket cost, excluding medications, is $8,850.

Aetna H3905 035 Benefits 2024

Aetna healthcare company improves their health insurance by making updates every year. These improvements, which ensure the satisfaction of the participants, usually result in small price increases and high refunds. In addition, changes and discounts in program scopes also attract the attention of members. Aetna H3959 035 updates made in 2024 also brought many benefits. The amount of reimbursement for medicines has been increased. While laboratory services continue to be 0 dollars, there have also been changes in inpatient hospital coverage and emergency care services. If you are included in the plan, you can get the most accurate information about updates by contacting your health planner.

Aetna H3959 035 allows you to benefit from many health services for free. In the 2024 updates, the old free services remain the same. The discount rate for medical supplies to be purchased has been increased. Reimbursement payments have also been increased in percentage terms. Drug allowances per level have been increased. Additionally, some of the benefits that are not covered are included in the partial coverage area. Thus, it is planned that your insurance will become more popular in the field of health.

What Is Aetna H3905 035 Plan?

HMO SNP H3959 plan and similar are types of health insurance offered by Aetna. Makes in-network and out-of-network doctor visits free or affordable. Since it does not require referral, you do not need to get any permission to be examined by specialist doctors. Your insurance continues to operate at a discounted rate. Additionally, your diagnostic tests, procedures, laboratory services, diagnostic radiology services, and x-rays are only zero dollars. Since authorization is required, these tests must be requested by the doctor.

Thanks to the H3959 Aetna plan, you do not pay any fees for your emergency care needs and hospital visits. You may not pay for all of the days you stay in the hospital. You also have the right to buy the medications and OTC products you need at a discount. Thus, you can regain your health at a more affordable price and save on your healthcare expenses. Moreover, your needs such as preventive care, qualified nursing facility, outpatient hospital coverage, and rehabilitation are fully covered by the insurance.

Advantages of Aetna

Choosing Aetna when getting health insurance gives you many advantages. First, Aetna’s wellness programs are quite comprehensive. Insurance covers many care services and hospital expenses you may need. You make low payments and are not stingy with repayment amounts. It has also included many drugs in its coverage area in drug shopping. When you choose Aetna for OTC and prescription drug services, you can order medications by mail to your home. Since your order is delivered to you in 2-4 days, you do not need to specifically search for medicine.

Aetna health insurance premiums are also very low and easy to pay. Moreover, since it has plans with high customer satisfaction, it mostly meets your needs. You have the right to access the details of your plan by meeting with your health representative at any time. You can also start a different health insurance policy if you are not satisfied with your plan. This way, you can meet other insurance companies that meet your needs.

Thanks to Aetna, you can access the details of many transactions related to your health online. You can check information such as your Flexible card payments, refunds or providers close to you on the website. You also have the right to place your OTC orders online. You can also reach customer service every weekday between 8 am and 8 pm. This way, you won’t have to deal with any problems alone.

Aetna H3905 035 Hearing, Dental, Vision Advantages

The H3959 Medicare plan also includes dental, eye and ear services necessary for a healthy life. You pay $0 on dentures, $0 on hearing aids, and $0 on most other supplies. Hearing examination is a routine examination once a year and you do not pay any fee. You pay $0 on the hearing aid and fitting within limits. Preventive dental cleanings, speech testing, fluoride treatment, and dental x-rays are also covered by insurance. Moreover, you may not pay for non-routine services, diagnostic services, restorative services, endodontics, periodontology, extractions, and other oral and maxillofacial surgeries.

Routine eye examination is performed free of charge once a year. Contact lenses, glasses, frames, lenses, and upgrades are also $0 within limits and permits. In addition, other medical supplies you purchase in these areas are $0 within the limits, if there is a doctor’s approval. If you need equipment beyond the limits, you only need to pay for the part not covered by insurance. In this way, you can purchase your equipment from Aetna providers at affordable prices.

H3905 035 More Advantages

There are more benefits included in the H3959 035 plan. However, some of these benefits are covered if there is sufficient reason. Examples of these services include transportation, over-the-counter medications, short-term meals, annual physical exams, and telehealth. Worldwide emergency needs have partial coverage. Aetna has partial coverage in many areas of healthy living, including fitness, health education, and Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). Therefore, it discounts the payments you make for a healthy life and helps increase your quality of life.

The Aetna H3595 035 health plan also covers foot care services. Accordingly, there is a co-payment for foot examinations and treatments, and you do not pay anything when the payment comes within the limits. Part B insulin medications are $0, and you don’t pay for chemotherapy either. You will not have any payment obligations for other part B drugs. You can reach customer service at 1-800-633-4227 or 1-877-486-2048 for any questions you may have about Aetna plans, which offer many services like these.

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